Gave You My Heart

Gave You My Heart

I’m tired of feelin’ like
I’m a million miles away
From where I began
Doin’ my best to keep up
Sure, I had good intentions
But I got lost along the way

I don’t wanna waste any more of my life
Lookin’ to the left, lookin’ to the right
So now I’m comin’ back to you

Consume me with your love
Set my heart on fire
I lay down everything I’ve been holdin’
I’ll give it all away
You’re all I desire
Take me back to the place
Where we started
When I gave you my heart
I gave you my heart

I remember fifteen
And the bus ride to the camp
Where I gave you my life
And even though yesterday
Seems so far away
I know you’re still by my side

I was a blind man
Left by the wayside
Mercy came walkin’ us off
For the first time
When I tasted grace
Like I did that day
I ran to the Father
And I gave it all away

I’m comin’ back to you
I’m comin’ back to the place
That I gave you my heart