I close my eyes to see
My king in majesty
Your grace compels my soul
To love and drawing close
I lift my hands and sing
Surrender everything
In You I know I’m found
My God, to You I’ll bow

Now until forever
Jesus, I surrender
Show me what I don’t know
More of You
I’m desperate for Your presence
Longing to be with You
Lead me to a new place
More of You

Through the fire I’ll persevere
I won’t submit to any fear
Where I’ll go You’ve been before
All my trust is in You Lord

Lead me to You
Forever, Lord, I will pursue
I will pursue
You’ve won my heart
Jesus, You’re all that I want
All that I want

Open my eyes
Let me see more of Your love
More of Your love
Here I will wait
Just for a glimpse of You, God
I’ll wait for You God