Sing Again

Sometimes the pain felt like a hallow in my chest
Sometimes I struggle just to take another step
All I could see was shadows looming up ahead
Will we find some peace in the end

Through all the fear and doubt, we long for better days
And in our hopelessness we tried to find our way
Yet in the strife we saw a glimmer through the haze
Even in the sorrow we can still believe

This lonely heart will sing again
These barren lungs will breathe again
Through suffering we’re stronger
In the palm of His hand
Like a beacon in the night
Hope illuminates the sky
Reaching for each other
And as we carry on
We are keepers of the light

We know remember who we are and how to live
To love with open arms, to heal and to forgive
And we’ll keep shining like a city on a hill
Even in the sorrow, we can still believe

Our lonely hearts will sing again
Our barren lungs will breathe again
Together we are stronger
And as we carry on
We are keepers of
Keepers of the light
We’ll make it through the night