Starts And Ends

Starts And Ends

My soul thirsts for things I can’t explain
In my bones a beckoning to pray
If my heart is a battleground
My defences run both ways
The flesh is a beggar and thief
But there is a Spirit-man awakening me

When real life and peace won’t make amends
When all these starts
Start feeling like these ends
Like the world is unraveling
And I’m bound to come undone
There is a Shepherd a Priest
There is a Comforter who comforts me

And my soul finds rest
Where it makes no sense
There the blood sets me free
All my old regrets
All my brokenness
All my failures redeemed

And it feels like grace
Where I stacked my shame
There the cross stands for me
All the things I’ve done
All the times I’ve run
All my dead ends redeemed
And it looks like hope
Where my heart was broke
And His heart broke for me

Lay your burden down upon
Down upon Him
Lay your burden down
Jesus my rest in peace
My reconciler
You’re my every good thing
I surrender all
All I’m living for
You’re my every good thing
You’re my amnesty
You’re my split wide sea
You’re my every good thing

All my days and nights
You’re my death to life
You’re the wonder I breathe
You’re my can’t explain
First and last refrain
You’re my every good thing