Wonderfully Made

Wonderfully Made

Made with intention
Designed to perfection
Crafted with detail
A careful hand
“Your workmanship’s marvelous”
That’s what You say
But do I believe
From the depths of my heart

Why all these questions and doubt
Who am I meant to be?

Endlessly wandering
Through all the noise
Your love shines so brightly
Like stars in the night
Then I remember
What You’ve said before
That feelings are fleeting
They’re not who I am

I find my rest in You
When I look at myself
The way You always do

When I lose my way, You’re there
When it’s hard to comprehend
Who I am and who I’m meant to be
Still Your voice will lead me home

The angels stand in wonder of
Blueprints of Your handiwork
How precious are Your thoughts of me
I am fearfully wonderfully made