God Is On The Throne

God Is On The Throne

You’re able to do it
I know You can
‘Cause God You are faithful
To move again
This mountain it seems big
But I know You’re with me
So Jesus I’m grateful
Until the very end

I can hear Your voice
Singing over me
I’m free indeed
I can feel Your power
Washing over me
And I’m free indeed

You are my Saviour
So I won’t fear
‘Cause I know You got this
Your power’s here
You are my breakthrough
You’re making all things new
So I praise You forever
To You I sing

For God is on the throne
He is in control
Reigning over all
He is powerful, so powerful
I lift His name
And I give Him praise
So He’ll make a way
He is powerful, so powerful

I’m free indeed
I’m free indeed

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