I Feel Good

I Feel Good

Now it’s time to ease your mind, so hear me as I say
Life’s not always down, you see
If the sun refuse to shine, and all your skies are grey
Just sing this simple melody

I feel good and I know it, don’t hate me if I show it
The joy I feel on the inside will show up on the outside
My hands go up and I praise Him, you know I’m gonna thank Him
The happiness in my life, to-day it won’t be denied
And I feel good, good, good

Now I realize there will be days we will feel down and blue
But that’s not goin’ be today
If you take the time to pray for me, I’ll pray for you
And we can lift our voice and say

I choose to feel love and I choose to feel peace
I know that these things are promised to me
I’m wearing a smile and that’s just how it will be
Cause I’m with His Son and He set me free

I feel good, you know that I feel good, come on and
If you don’t mind, join with me, we’ll be fine
My hands go up praising Him, I feel like praising Him
If you don’t mind, I don’t mind, have a good time

Songwriter : Jonathan Miller, Philip Feaster, Calvin Rodgers, Fred Hammond