Jesus My Treasure

Jesus My Treasure

Riches beyond all measure
Could never satisfy my heart
Even the greatest pleasure
Only gratifies in part
All that this world can offer
Could never compare to all You are
You are my greatest treasure
The desire of my heart

Whatever it costs me
I give it up freely
Whatever You ask me
I gladly release
‘Cause all that I have is Yours to begin with
Lord, I surrender
I give You my heart
Jesus my treasure
You are enough for me

Veiling my imperfection
Covering blemishes and stains
Seeking this world’s affection
An empty pursuit, it’s all in vain
Jesus You know and love me
I’m precious because You say I am
Your scars rewrote my life story
A mercy I’ll never understand

My life, every breath
My plans, every step
Now ’till I see Your face
I’ll follow You, follow You

You are enough for me
Jesus my treasure
You are enough for me