Louder Than The Lies

Louder Than The Lies

Before I ever even roll out of my bed
There’s a thousand voices screamin’ in my head
A million reasons why I’m not enough for what’s ahead
I Just woke up, already scared to death

Oh no, here we go, worst case scenario at least that’s what my feelings tell me
What’s real, what’s meant to steal
Everything I feel, is a little overwhelming

Take a breath
Lift my head

Oh, The air goes clear like somebody turned on the lights
Oh, I see you here and you stand with me in the fight
Oh, you’re whispering life saying
It’s gonna be alright
Louder than the lies
Louder than the lies
Louder than the lies

I live my days so afraid to look ahead
At all the crazy things that haven’t even happened yet
But looking back I see the truth of what has been
Your love has never failed me
All the fear, every lie, have no power left
The worst thing that could happen has been put to death

Louder than the lies that held me, the fear that tells me
I won’t make it through the night
Through it all your light is breaking, my faith is waking
I’m feeling hope arise
Oh, The air goes clear
Oh, I see you near