Rest In You

Rest In You

Rest In You

Find me here in the desert
Just wondering on this path
I need to find where I’m heading
In Your presence I’ll be found

Yes I know that I’m stranded
Too far from where You are
And I need Your direction
In Your presence I belong

And I will run to the place where You are
Forgetting all my troubles before I fall apart
As I rest in You, as I rest in You

With open arms You bring me deep inside Your heart
As You’ve promised You listen to my cries
As I rest in You, as I rest in You

Find me here in the water
Across this ocean wide
And I don’t know where I’m going
I need You to carry on

Please keep my head from drowning
As I stretch my hands to You
And I need to find direction
Cause I was lost but now I’m found