Something Greater

Something Greater

Beneath the broken shadow
Where sin and death did reign
The king of glory left his throne aside
The clouds of heaven opened
And mercy fell like rain
To bring the darkened past a future bright

Something greater
Something greater has come

Upon the cross of sorrow
The cup of wrath ran dry
The dying savior drinking every drop
The sting of death accepted
The final breath of love
Our greatest gain was heaven’s greatest loss

You are greater, greater
Than anything I’ve known or seen
You’re stronger, stronger
Than the grave that once held me
Your love is deeper and wider
In the highest place be lifted higher still
Oh you have and always will
be something greater

The silence there was broken
On the third day in the tomb
As the Savior’s heart began to pulse again
Then the Lamb arose in glory
With fire in his eyes
And the keys of death and hades in his hand
Now the kingdom of darkness will not stand
For the King of Kings has died and rose again

The mourner’s gonna dance
The blind are gonna see
The lame is gonna run
The sinner’s gonna sing

Because Jesus is alive
He’s won the victory
So, let the prodigal come home
Let the captive be set free
The kingdom’s gonna come
And the church is gonna sing
Because Jesus is alive
He’s won the victory